Aubergine Velvet Rabbit Art Doll

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Velvet Rabbit is linen doll with hand stitched face and velvet body and ear lining.

 Rabbit is best for gentle play or display age 8 and up due to the delicate nature of silk velvet. 

 Practice storytelling, communication and cuddle with your new friend. Each heirloom quality doll is made in Utah with love. 

 Rabbit is made of a combination of linen, velvet and premium synthetic down-like polyfil for a soft smoosh. 

Velvet friends from Basil Village do best with gentle spot cleaning.  

Once your friend ships, we will send an email notifying you of their safe travels.  

Inspired by the soft fuzzy outer of cattails and downy fluffy fill, we imagine hugging velvet rabbits is like and explosion of cattail fluff in your arms. Have you ever hugged a velvet cattail?